Online CSH membership application/renewal form

In 2003 membership and membership renewal was combined with meeting registration in order to simplify the renewal process by decreasing the amount of paperwork and mailings.

In order for an individual to qualify for the discount membership rate for meetings he/she must join or renew their membership for the FOLLOWING YEAR. For example, all CSH memberships will expire on May 31st this year. If an individual joins or renews their membership ($30.00) for 2017 -2018 (June 1st – May 31st) he/she will then be eligible to receive the discount registration price for the April meeting. The same will apply for each year thereafter.

For example, say an individual wants to go to the meeting this year and paid their membership or renewal for 2016-2017 and the meeting for 2017 is in April. Even though their membership has not yet expired (good until May 31st) he/she will need to renew for the following year, 2017-2018, in order to qualify for the discount price.

If an individual can’t or doesn't want to attend the annual meeting all they need to do is mail in the membership renewal portion of the packet along with a $30.00 check to CSH for membership dues. The membership period will be from June 1st through May 31st. Members in good standing (dues paid) will receive a emailed copy of the newsletter (published quarterly) and are eligible for discount rates at CSH meetings. In addition, members can vote on issues raised at the annual CSH bussiness meeting, vote during officer elections and run for office.